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Minimalist Cooking 2 - 27 More Practical Recipes is the follow up book to Minimalist Cooking - 27 Practical Recipes. In this book the emphasis is very much on.
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Blogging is a work of art! Like- are you in my head right now?! Have had a really tough time getting traction, cause like you say, define what you do. Have started to shift. It all starts with a shift in mindset, but once that happens… wow. And already seeing more traction.

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Love what you guys do. Great tips! This is such simple yet effective advice. Thank you. I would love to, and sometimes try to, cover a broad range of topics though it would be much more effective to hone in on one topic and really refine it and make it my specialty.

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I pretty much did everything by the book that you recommended. The tutorials are awesome, and John has actually emailed me back with specific answers to my questions. Dana, love this tip. Do you think my topic is too broad? Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks so much! Was so excited to find your site, recipes look awesome and the blogging help is an added bonus! Great advice! Thanks so much for sharing all of your valuable resources.

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I love you guys xoxoxo. I love this post.

So insightful and so truly helpful. My blog focuses on gluten free recipes using natural, organic ingredients…. Being able to describe my blog in one sentence helps me truly define my craft. I love your blogger resources. Thank you so very much! Great advice niece! It is inspiring! It helps me to think in a more specific direction. Happy New Year! Obviously, being very specific 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, or 30 minutes or less has helped you become successful. Your blog is amazing.

The reason I love cooking is because I can experiment with different ingredients, different cuisines, different kitchen instruments. I love when a meal comes together in 15 minutes and I love when I bust my ass for an hour and a half to create a delicious dinner. The idea of limiting myself to one topic feels very constrictive to me. If I had a salad blog, I guarantee you I would be sick of salad by the end of the year.

Meredith, I totally get that! I wanted everyone to know everything I liked. But the trouble was, people had a hard time identifying what my blog was about.

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It just means you focus on one thing to get really good at it. And then later when you have an established audience, if you want to share more interests or cooking styles etc. This is just my opinion though. Sometimes I compare and contrast my blog to others too much and try to do a little of everything based on the inspiration I get from others. I guess I should stick to the sweet stuff rather than feeling the need to balance it out :. Have a question? Need help? Check out this tutorial! Rate this recipe after you've made it :. I Made this. I Have a Question. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. There are so many things I could say to bloggers who are struggling or just starting out. But by far my biggest tip? Get specific. Getting More Specific Here are some examples of topics I would further refine.

Minimalist Cooking - 27 Practical Recipes

Reap the Benefits In addition to becoming more searchable, something else happens when you get specific: You serve your audience better. Should I expect green foods? Will all of the photos have green in them? And more importantly, what problem are you solving? Facebook Twitter Pin It. In this book the emphasis is very much on one pot meals,pies and sweet and savory muffins.

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As with the first book there is a comprehensive introductory section dealing with equipment techniques and ingredients. The book is professionally illustrated with every recipe accompanied by at least one photograph taken at the time the recipe was tested. All photographs were taken by Meg's photographer husband, Steve Johnson.

As with the first book this edition is aimed at the person who is starting out on their cooking journey but who wants to learn how to do more than set a microwave and operate a tin opener. What she found surprised her and her blog foll Meg Wolfe Author Meg Wolfe, author of The Minimalist Woman blog, is a true child of the Baby Boom who has downsized, decluttered, and otherwise simplified nearly every aspect of life in order to see life more clearly.