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Tomeeka has dealt with the gut wrenching pain of losing her child, by creating her own online tribute website for Izaiah, where she can go and journal her sorrow, beautiful memories of her son, and regrets at any given time…. Six months after losing her precious baby, Izaiah, Tomeeka wrote this heartfelt message to him on her tribute website :. This has probably been the most confusing six months of my entire life.

You see I am a firm believer in god does not give us what we cannot bear. Izaiah I never imagined in a million years that I would have to bury one of my children.

I automatically assumed that you both would out live me. I miss you so much!

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It hurts so bad at times. I think of you obsessively. I am sorry that I took having all the time in the world with you for granted. I would have given you a birthday party when you turned two. We would have taken more pictures of you after you turned two.

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You loved everyone after you warmed up to them. Especially Daddy, and Bri.

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But I loved it anyway. United States Canada.

The demand-withdraw behaviour can prove to be helpful for some couples.

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Heartbreaking news Stevie Wonder's wife Mourning The Loss Of Beloved Person

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